After a long hard year of coronavirus restrictions, we’ve all learned some valuable lessons. The etiquette of loo roll buying. The benefits of a regular haircut. That we really miss working in a fit-for-purpose office with actual real-life colleagues.

We know we’re not quite out of the woods yet, but as the Covid vaccine roll out begins and we look forward to better times ahead, it’s a pretty decent time to reflect. What did you miss most during the long lockdowns of 2020-21?

For most of us, this year has brought home the importance of human connection and spending time with the people we value and love. And yes, whilst Facetime and Zoom are better than no contact at all, there’s no denying that they just can’t compete with a conversation IRL.

The restrictions on travel have made us realise how much we miss having the right to roam and explore. We miss our favourite mountains and beach, and discovering a beautiful new corner of the planet. And we really miss the sheer joy of being able to plan a relaxing weekend away.

As soon as it is safe to do so, we all have some pretty serious catching up to do. Whether you’re looking to reunite with friends, family or colleagues, take a look around our adventure parc in North Wales to see how we can help you get your gang back together in 2021.