It’s arguably the most abundant natural resource in North Wales. And without it, we would have no waves for you to ride.

Rainwater. Our 300-metre inland surf lagoon is filled entirely by water that has rained, snowed, drizzled and misted its way down into Snowdonia mountain reservoirs. It pours off the Carneddau mountains – the grassy slopes that provide the backdrop to our adventure parc – and is funnelled into a 5km pipeline which carries it – ultimately – to our site.

But before it fills our lagoon though, the water that makes our waves has an important job to do: it passes through the giant turbines of our next-door neighbour – the RWE hydroelectric plant in Dolgarrog – and helps to power around 20,000 households per year.

To maintain its environmental integrity, and to deliver the best possible user experience, keeping our water chemical-free has always been our priority. Rather than pump it full of chlorine or any other chemical nasties, we clean it using an innovative system of UV disinfection, and particle filtration.

Our water retains a natural peaty colour as a reflection of its natural mountain origins. And because we keep it chem-free, we can release it directly into the Conwy Estuary whenever we need to drain. From there it goes back into the water cycle – no doubt making more waves – as it heads out to the Irish Sea.