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Local surf club competition
Wrapping up an awesome event in Snowdonia for our local surf team Syrffio Dyfryn Conwy

On Sunday we were super stoked to host our local surf club, Clwb Syrffio Dyffryn Conwy, and Pen Llyn’s surf club, Clwb Syrffio Llyn for the first on-site surf competition since 2020. 

The buzz of excitement and community around the lagoon was one we’ll be savouring for a long time to come thanks to all the young surfers and eager spectators who came along and made it the spectacular morning it was! 

Here’s how it all went down…

At 7:30 surfboards were being waxed and excitement was already building around the lagoon as young surfers from both North Wales based surf clubs braved the crisp, Autumn morning and were eagerly preparing to get out on the waves to compete in a number of heats for the opportunity to take home a memorable team victory.

As 8:00 neared, competitors climbed onto the lagoon side and paddled out ready to get into the line-up for an opportunity to show the rest of their community and the judges what they could do. The atmosphere was brimming with anticipation and an undeniable eagerness from both surfers and spectators alike. As the first wave broke through the stillness of the morning, the anticipation in the air shifted into a joy as everyone’s eyes settled on the awesome scenes being created by all the young surfers involved. From the Beginner Bays to our Advanced Waves, everyone in the lagoon put on a spectacle, showing off all the skills they’ve been working away at throughout their club sessions and sharing their passion, solidifying a comradery and community of surfers of varying ages and abilities.

 After two hours of competition from both clubs’ young surfers, we saw several the volunteers who help run the club sessions take to the Advanced Wave for one final hour of rolling waves and wipe outs. 

At 9:30 the celebrations began at the lagoon-side tepee. As everyone tucked into a well-deserved warm post-surf breakfast, the focus shifted from the lagoon to the prize giving ceremony. Surfers, spectators and staff all gathered to hear the long-awaited result of the morning’s efforts. Both teams competed with great skill and fierce spirit which led to a very close result. Clwb Syrffio Dyffryn Conwy showed consistent performance across all their heats, using their home advantage to their strength however Clwb Syrffio Llyn showed depth and strength in their individual performances. Ultimately, Clwb Syrffio Dyffryn Conwy took the home win by just one point, leaving both teams eager to get back out on the waves together again in the new year for a second event which will be held on Clwb Syrffio Llyn’s home waves.

Although both teams put out an amazing effort in pursuit of the overall win on Sunday, Roger Pierce founder of Clwb Syrffio Dyffryn Conwy summed up the morning perfectly when he said, “the spirit between both teams and their members was unmistakable even though it was a competition and both teams helped each other out in the waves”.

It was an absolute pleasure to host Sunday’s event and be able to engage with the young surf community here in North Wales. We’re looking forward to seeing how both teams progress and we’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for their performances in next year’s event!

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