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Next up in our ‘Meet the Team’ series is Adam Enright, who holds the very important position of Senior Engineer – thanks to him our waves (and various other mechanical elements) are able to run smoothly all year long. After joining us during peak covid times in December 2020, he recently answered a few of our questions about what engineering at an Adventure Parc really looks like. 

Keep reading to find our more about being a Wavepool engineer at one of the leading adventure destinations in Europe. If youre looking to enjoy your job as much as Adam does? Keep an eye on our careers page for various types of vacancies throughout the parc – we’d love to hear from you.

Thank you for taking the time to chat with us today. Let’s start at the beginning - tell us a bit about your background.

 I grew up on Anglesey but now live near Caernarfon. I’ve been in the engineering industry since a very early age, working in a garage over the summers when I was still in school and then pursuing an engineering apprenticeship once I left school. I got into this line of work because my grandad, who raised me and taught me everything I know, was also an engineer. 


The outdoor pursuits and leisure industry is quite new to me but it blends well with what I’m used to – so I’m enjoying it very much!

We’re very glad to hear that. So what about outside of work, do you have any hobbies? 

You can always find me fettling in the garage. Whether it’s on one of my cars (probably the Ford Capri) or one of many other projects I’ve got on the go. I enjoy cycling, mainly on the road but I do a lot of mountain biking too. I listen to as much music as my ears will allow, and I’m very proud of my records and tape collection. I play bass and drums too.

That’s an impressive selection of talents, Adam! Now we want to know about working with us. How did you end up at Adventure Parc Snowdonia?

Well, I worked as a Maintenance Engineer for many years and was made redundant a few times because of factories closing down for various different reasons. I knew I needed to diversify somehow because I really didn’t want to move away from North Wales. Who would?!

I’d worked with Duffy, a current colleague in the department, at a previous job where I’d served my apprenticeship. He taught me so much and was always an incredible guy to work with! I saw an engineer job advertised and applied immediately, it was the diversity I’d been looking for because tourism and outdoor pursuits is only a growing industry in North Wales. After applying, I had an interview and the rest is history

That’s really great to hear. How do you think your colleagues would describe you in three words? 

Reliable, Benevolent……..and probably Ginger.

What do you enjoy most about being part of the APS team?

 The surf vibe definitely extends to the people, everyone is laid back and understanding. Everyone is willing to help. Overall, it’s a very friendly atmosphere. The engineering team is the best I have ever worked with, we all support each other and will take on anything that’s thrown at us.

We’ll have to make sure the engineering team sees this. What about your favourite part of a typical workday?

As an engineer the variety is incredible. I know it sounds cliché but no two days are ever the same. So my favourite part of the workday is that each one is unique. I like the variety of electrical and mechanical jobs and everything in between. In the summer, walking along the pier with the waves going beneath you is always a highlight for me. 

What’s your favourite wave or activity here on the parc?

I’m still quite new to surfing but I’m really happy with the progress I made up to intermediate 2 last year. It’s not really an activity but our zipline inspections require moving slowly down the zipline and I’ll always try and time it for when waves are running – sitting on the zipline on a warm summer’s day above the waves is hard to beat!

Thanks for your time Adam and sharing your unique insight as a Wavpool Engineer. If you qant to enjoy your job as much as Adam does, keep an eye on our careers page for various types of vacancies throughout the parc - we’d love to hear from you. 

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