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How Adventure Strengthens Parent-Child Relationships

Many of us are lucky enough to have treasured childhood memories with our parents. From camping trips to cooking in the kitchen, even the smallest of shared experiences can have a ripple effect on the rest of our lives. Aside from the sentimental side of things, science suggests that experiences are amplified when they are shared. 

 In the US, researchers at Iowa State University followed families through camping experiences in order to measure the impact they had on ‘family function and parenting.’ They discovered that time spent together in the outdoors undertaking challenging activities had a positive impact on the strength of their relationship, understanding between family members and conflict resolution as a family.

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Getting outside your comfort zone as a family can have huge benefits. Even taking the time to introduce your children to your beloved passions and hobbies can act as a natural bonding method, reduce stress, restore your sense of play and build your child’s confidence. I myself am a huge advocate of introducing our little ones to the things we loved long before they came along – things that could potentially shape the paths of their lives and give them outlets for inspiration and wellbeing. 

 I’ve recently introduced my son, Zephyr, to surfing. I’m taking the time to paddle out across the lagoon with him on the front of a big foam board, catching waves and encouraging him to stand up with me. It’s unlocked an entirely new level of surfing, because now I get to share it with my son and watch him experience all of the emotions that I can remember feeling for the first time, it’s truly incredible. 



Ultimately, adventure is a tie that binds. The inevitable risk that comes with mountain climbing demands steadfast dialogue between climbing partners. The state of awe when marvelling over a sunrise surf is one that connects people to a place, the weary limbs and aching arms that come from a day of mountain biking garners a level of mutual respect that you can’t achieve from sitting on a sofa. The beauty of Adventure Parc Snowdonia, is that you can experience all of the above in one place.

Camp together beneath the stars in our camping pods, take to the climbing wall to test your comfort zone, or jump in the waters of our lagoon to try surfing together for the very first time. Do it all while immersed in the breathtaking scenery of North Wales.

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