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Adrenaline Fuelled Excitement for All Ages


Minimum Age: 5 years old 
Activity is 60 minutes 
Weight: max 120kg 

Participants must wear long-sleeved attire and closed toe footwear to take part in this activity (joggers can be purchased on arrival) 

Ages 5-9 requires one paying, participating adult per booking to accompany the participants on the course at all times 

Participants aged 5-9 will not be allowed on the 5.5m and 6.5m bag jump, drop slide and kicker slides. Ages 10 – 17 require one non-participating adult that must be in the vicinity of the Adrenaline Indoors building. 

Not suitable for people with, but not exclusively with the following conditions: 

 Heart conditions (without medical consent) 
Severe neck/back condition or pain 
Severe anxiety 
Severe obesity 
Persons with injuries/ailments/conditions whether physical or mental that could be adversely affected by participation 

If you are unsure about your physical or mental ability to partake in this activity, please consult your doctor. 

Participants must wear long sleeved tops, trousers and flat, closed toe footwear when taking part in this activity. Weight: max 120kg.

Fit for adrenaline junkies and nature loving kids alike, our Ninja Assault Course and range of Extreme Slides has something for everyone.
The Ninja Assault Course is built for the thrill seeker in all of us. Like a giant soft play area built by actual Ninjas, you’ll have to overcome treacherous obstacles and spectacular stunt jumps to complete the course and become the ultimate Ninja.
The fun doesn’t stop there – as our extreme slides take the excitement to another level. With slides suitable for kids and adults, including thrilling vertical drops – it’s time to get extreme.
Our Ninja Assault Course includes the following:
  • Awesome aerial assault course
  • Extreme slides
  • UK’s only kicker flight slide
  • Multi-level high rise stunt jumps
  • Cargo nets
  • High balancing poles
  • Parkour floor trails

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Fully supervised

Fun for the Kids

There is plenty of family fun to be found at Adventure Parc Snowdonia. Our nature-inspired facilities are set amongst the natural beauty of Snowdonia, with sights and sounds sure to delight the kids at every turn. Similarly, our indoor activities include kid-friendly options, including the sensational slides and spectacular Ninja Assault course.

Fantastic day in Ninja Assault with my two boys and friends. They had a wonderful time and experience, one a believe they won’t forget. Staff were excellent.

Great For Adults

Fancy yourself as a bit of an adrenaline junkie? This is the place to exhilarate your soul, excite body & mind, and create memories that last a lifetime. We have high energy activities to keep you challenged and entertained at all times, satisfying even the most ardent thrill seeker.
Amazing day out. Good facilities and trainers were excellent. Will definitely be visiting again!

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Adventure Parc Snowdonia is home to our world-first surf lagoon. At the heart of the majestic Conwy Valley in North Wales, we’re surrounded by rivers, mountains, woodlands and wildlife of Snowdonia. It is without question one of the most beautiful regions in the UK.
The Adrenaline Indoors facility and the glass-fronted Surf Side Bar, Cafe and Restaurant look out over the waves.
Our breathtaking activities must be seen to be believed – so have a look!
Peek into the many extraordinary experiences we’ve given to people and witness the adventure for yourself.


Test your speed, agility, and dexterity through our multi-level aerial assault course. Including parkour styled features and unique obstacles, start the timer and challenge your rivals to determine who is the ultimate Ninja.


As seen on the beloved 1990s TV shows Ninja Warrior and Gladiators! Our half pipe wall is the final challenge to conquer in our timed Ninja Assault course. At 2.5m tall, commitment and agility are tested to the fullest.


Put your tolerance for heights to the test with our freefall stunt jump platforms. Our 3 platforms range from 3.5 to 6.5m high, landing onto our epic inflatable impact cushion.

Extreme Slides

From the very top to a vertical drop, our extreme slides live up to their name and then some. Take the plunge and head feet-first into the adventure of a lifetime.
Spent a weekend with a group of friends. Fantastic place, efficient and friendly staff. Everything was well organised and clean.
The place has a happy, positive buzz about it.
All the staff were friendly, helpful and encouraging. I would recommend it as an activity for families to do together to get away from screens.

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Adventure Parc Snowdonia, Conwy Rd, Dolgarrog, Conwy LL32 8QE.

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