Test your agility, stamina and ability to navigate some creative obstacles. Our Adrenaline Pass includes entry to:

  • parkour ninja floor trail
  • multi level high rise bag jumps
  • extreme kicker slides
  • netted aerial assault course

Activity is 60 minutes.



  • Age 9+
  • Weight: max 120kg
  • Height: min 1.2m
  • Groups under the age of 17 must be accompanied by one non-participating adult per booking.
  • Adrenaline Pass
    Not suitable for people with, but not exclusively with the following conditions:
    Heart conditions (without medical consent), severe neck/back condition or pain, severe anxiety, claustrophobia, severe obesity, epilepsy, pregnancy, persons with injuries/ailments/conditions, whether physical or mental that could be adversely affected by participation. If you are unsure about your physical or mental ability to partake in this activity, please consult your doctor.

Test your agility, courage and stamina. Age 9+

Off peak: £12 / £15 

Peak: £15 / £18 

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Jump. Climb. Slide. Be more ninja.