This is our most powerful wave. It rolls for 150 metres at 6-7 metres per second, the equivalent of an eighteen second ride per wave. You will be able to practise a variety of different manoeuvres, and there’s even an air section if your skills are up to it.

To surf this wave, you must be able to drop in to unbroken waves, turn left and right and trim along waves. During your session there will be maximum of two other surfers alternatively surfing the wave. The wave runs every 90 seconds; you can expect around 12 waves per hour. Advanced surfers can use their own board or hire a Firewire demo board from us.

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Important Information

You can use your own surf board or hire one from us.
We have a great selection of premium Firewire boards available for hire.

Not suitable for people with, but not exclusively with, the following conditions:

Heart conditions (without medical consent)
Severe neck/back condition or pain
Severe anxiety
Severe obesity
Persons with injuries/ailments/conditions whether physical or mental that could be adversely affected by participation

If you are unsure about your physical or mental ability to partake in this activity, please consult your doctor.