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Surf, relive, share

Surfline Sessions™ creates a video of every wave you ride in front of a Surfline camera — then sends it to your iPhone. Just connect an Apple Watch, Rip Curl Watch or compatible Garmin Watch to your account in the Surfline app, press “start” on your watch on the way out, shred until your arms feel like noodles, then get ready to view your rides.  Capture your next ride using Surfline Sessions at Surf Snowdonia and make sure to share your waves with us!

Relive, Instantly.

Paddle out on any of our advanced and intermediate 2 sessions, shred and enjoy your session before reliving all of the action. Using the latest technology from the wizards at Surfline and your GPS watch you’ll receive individual clips of all your rides by the time you have got out of your wetsuit and enjoyed a post session hot shower! You can then view, critique and share your session online.  


Surfline Sessions provides GPS-driven insights including waves ridden, top speed attained, and the length
of your longest ride — in both feet and seconds. Allowing you to get detailed information on how you’re surfing and how hard you are charging. 

Share Your Rides

Review your clips and share them with friends directly through the Surfline App. Your wave log is downloadable and easily shared across your favourite channels.

Surfline Sessions™ relies on the latest wearable technology and built in GPS features, connecting your watch and the Surfline App, Click here to check the latest requirements and how to set your session up before your visit. 

Using Surfline Sessions

1) Create your Surfline Account and take advantage of the free 7-day trial!

2) Connect your compatible device to the Surfline App

3) Surf any of our Advanced or Intermediate session to be in view of our Surfline Cameras

4) Your waves will be ready to watch back when you leave the lagoon! For surfers without a GPS watch the rewind feature will allow you to manually find your best waves. Enjoy this new technology and Surf. Relive. Share during your next Snowdonia surf trip!

Note: we currently have three Surfline Cameras around the lagoon. We are working on a fourth and will also be trialling different camera positions to provide the best experience and tools for our surfers. 

Advanced Waves This Way

Intermediate Waves

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