International Surfing Day 2019 | Why we love Surfing

It’s International Surfing Day today, and - as you might have guessed - it’s a day we like to celebrate here at Adventure Parc Snowdonia.

Caring for our environment and keeping our beaches clean is one of the key messages of the day, and plastic pollution - and each of us doing our bit to help reduce it - is super important to us. Small changes really can make a big difference.

One significant change for us this year is that we have stopped serving water in plastic bottles at our deli and now have a free water station so you can refill your own reusable bottle. Don’t forget to bring a reusable bottle next time you visit!

But International Surfing Day is really just about celebrating what is surely the world’s best sport. For International Surfing Day we thought we’d share some of the things we love most about surfing.

Woman Bertie Norman Surfing Waves Adventure Parc Snowdonia

Keeping in shape with Surfing

Surfing is great for your physical health. This is kind of an obvious one. It is a great cardio workout, which means you’ll be chewing through calories at an impressive rate – up to 500 of those babies per hour! That’s because when you’re surfing you are constantly moving around and working your body and major muscle groups. Surfing is a super-fun way to earn yourself a free lunch. Or dinner. Or a great big slice of cake.

Surfing for Mental Health

The benefits of surfing don’t only apply to your physical health, there are plenty of benefits for your mental health too! Because surfing is such a fun sport it really does help offset the negative effects of stress, anxiety and work overload. It’s a fantastic way to enjoy the natural world, and we guarantee that jumping on your board will banish all thoughts of the daily grind. There have been plenty of studies of the physical and mental health benefits of surfing which go so far as to say that surfing, more than other sports, encourages feelings of tranquility and serenity.

Surfing in Wales inland surf pool

Accessibility in Surfing

We’re particularly proud that with our pioneering inland surf technology the sport of surfing can be so much more accessible – and achievable - for so many different kinds of surfer. Our safe and controlled environment is particularly great for beginners, for children, for adaptive surfers and anyone who is nervous about being in the sea.

Joy and the Surfing Community

In our opinion, the surfing community is one of the best out there. The history is rich and deep and we’re so glad to be a part of this amazing bunch of people. We love the joy surfing brings people. From groups of local school children enjoying some exciting learning-outside-the-classroom to adaptive surfers who are able to try out a brilliant new sport for the very first time. We love that we have helped so many of you to enjoy the thrill of catching a wave. It’s a wonderful feeling that we think the world would do well to stock up on.

group surfing having fun North Wales Surf Snowdonia

Instant rejuvenation

It’s a well-known fact. Surfing will instantly knock 10 years off your age (though this only applies to the over 30s). OK, so we’re joking. Maybe. But there’s something about that heady combo of heart pumping, oxygen whirring, vitamin D glowing, massive grinning, de-stressing fun that makes you look pretty darned wonderful. Just you wait, the compliments will come rolling in. Be cool with it. Ride the wave and smile.

A better night’s sleep

Did you know that surfing could help you to fall asleep faster and remain in a deep sleep for longer? Regular exercise like surfing increases the many positive benefits that sleep brings. So book in for some sleep of the just. Just book in for a surf session first.

Evolution of Surfing

SUPing in North Wales

Even with our reliable waves, surfing is always evolving. SUPing has surged in popularity in recent years, and we love having SUPers take to our lagoon! If you’d like to book in for a stand up paddleboarding session just check in here.


And we can’t talk about the evolution of surfing without mentioning the inclusion of surfing in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics! And only a year away! It’s a huge milestone for the sport. Check out how our pioneering inland surf lagoon helped to make the surfing Olympic dream become a reality, here.

We hope you’ve enjoyed International Surfing Day. Now go forth, go surf, and share the stoke!