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In a captivating country known for its ancient folklore, rugged mountains and spellbinding scenery, lies the worlds’ first artificial surf lagoon. Evolving the landscape of surfing since 2015, Surf Snowdonia, part of Adventure Parc Snowdonia is the home of a clean, consistent break that creates an ideal environment for learning, improving and simply reconnecting to the greatest life source there is – water.

Our surf packages are aimed at all levels of surfers, from first-timers through to seasoned salt-water pilgrims. Our lagoon is an inclusive, communal environment where skaters circle the perimeter, freelancers work from our cafe and friendly staff members offer up expert advice.

The waves are always on, the coffee is always good & the scenery is always stunning. Choose from our carefully curated Surf Stays or design your own bespoke itinerary and surf trip to Snowdonia by calling our team on 01492 353353. 

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Always wanted to know what it’s like to feel the energy of the ocean beneath you? Determined to stand up on a surfboard this year? 


Curated for those who want to work on their surfing in stunning surroundings, our Surf Retreat break is an invigorating, inspiring escape.

Surf More

Designed by surfers, for surfers, our Surf More stay is all about maximising your time in the water. 

Surf stay - Starter

COST: £365PP or £630 For Two People

Experience the wild Welsh elements with a surf trip you’ll never forget here at Adventure Parc Snowdonia. This tailor-made, three-day stay is perfect for ocean enthusiasts and first-timers alike, providing the perfect combination of wellbeing, adrenaline and excitement. Based between the mountains and lakes of North Wales, you’ll be staying at our world-class Hilton Garden Inn Snowdonia, where rooms look out to spellbinding scenery and the lagoon below. 

Check availability and book your next surf trip by contacting one of or team members 01492 353353 

As for your itinerary, this is what you can expect: 

Day 1: 

After checking into your room & discovering the contemporary comforts on offer throughout our hotel, you’ll take to the waters for an evening SUP, which is a great chance to find your balance on a board and meet other beginner surfers at the same level as you. It’s also a great opportunity to take in the spellbinding scenery of forests and far-reaching mountains that surround us. 

Day 2: 

You’ll start your day how you’ll be spending most of it – in the water. A refreshing open water swim through the sustainably cycled waters of our lagoon is followed by your first beginner lesson. Our beginner lessons start with a quick briefing on surf safety in our academy before you take your newfound knowledge to the waves, where you’ll have 18 waves to work with your coach on nailing that pop-up. You’ll then get to further strengthen your skills with a beginner surf session, giving you plenty of time to practise. After a full day in the water, you might want to take advantage of the access to our Wave Garden Spa, which is included in your package. Featuring a steam room, saunas and a choice of indoor and outdoor jacuzzi, it’s the perfect place to soothe any tired muscles ready for your last surf session on day three.   

Day 3: 

Your final day here at Adventure Parc Snowdonia will begin with another open water swim, where you can warm up for your final surf session. After retrieving your board from the academy, you can get back between the waves to work on your surfing with a beginner free surf session.


Cost: £365pp or £630 for two-  inclusive of all equipment and facilities outlined in the itinerary (T&C’s apply) 

Please call 01492 353353 to check availability and book your Surf Stay today! Please note this product is currently only available off peak from Sunday – Thursday (T&C’s apply)

Wave Garden Spa Pod

Surf Stay - Retreat

COST: £370PP or £640 For Two People

Based in the Conwy Valley nestled between brooding mountains and expansive freshwater lakes, the lagoon at Adventure Parc Snowdonia offers an unmatched environment for working on your confidence and skills in clean, consistent conditions. Our carefully crafted three-day break was designed with beginner to intermediate surfers in mind who want to practise on a perfect wave.

During your stay you’ll enjoy access to the stunning Wave Garden Spa and you’ll stay at our very own Hilton Garden Inn Snowdonia, which boasts comfortable, contemporary rooms and an urban interior edge that honours the industrial past of our location.

Check availability and book your next surf trip by contacting one of or team members 01492 353353 

Day 1:

On your arrival you’ll be able to check in to your room at the Hilton Garden Inn, where floor-to-ceiling windows allow you to admire the glistening surf below. You’ll then take to the water for an evening SUP session, where you can truly take in the stunning scenery that surrounds our lagoon. 

Day 2:

You’ll start your second day with a refreshing dip in our wild Welsh waters thanks to an open water swim session before taking on the intermediate wave. After a quick safety briefing and some board talk from our friendly staff, you’ll be good to get in the water. Before carrying on to the advanced wave, you could choose to refuel with freshly fired pizzas from the Surfside Bar & Kitchen or instead grab something sweet and delicious from the deli. After your second surf session of the day, you’ll be free to take advantage of your spa access – we suggest heading for the outdoor hydrotherapy pool or barrel sauna, where you can continue to connect with the great outdoors with the added comfort of warmth. 

Day 3:

For your final day with us, you’ll rise with the sun over the peaks of the mountains and enjoy another invigorating open water swim. At over 300 metres long, our lagoon is the perfect place to immerse yourself within nature and drink in the divine panoramas of Snowdonia. After this, you’ll enjoy a final advanced free surf session to really get to grips with your newfound confidence before you take it out onto the ocean. 

Cost: £370pp or £640 for two people – inclusive of all equipment and facilities outlined in the itinerary  

Please call 01492 353353 to check availability and book your Surf Stay today! Please note this product is currently only available off peak from Sunday – Thursday (T&C’s apply)


Surf Stay - Surf More

COST: £415PP or £730 For Two People415

Consisting of three days centred around surfing technique, water confidence and physical fitness, this advanced surf retreat takes place at the heart of Wales’ playground for all-things adventure sports, Snowdonia.

During your break you’ll stay at our world-class Hilton Garden Inn Snowdonia, where floor-to-ceiling windows look out over the lagoon and a contemporary, urban interior pays homage to the area’s industrial past. You’ll also enjoy unlimited access to our Wave Garden Spa while onsite, which is perfect for your post-surf recovery sessions and healing hydrotherapy.  

Check availability and book your next surf trip by contacting one of or team members 01492 353353 

Day 1: 

After you arrive here with us in Wales’ biggest National Park and spend some time watching the movement of our world-renowned wave, you’ll be able to check-in to your comfortable room and unpack. After getting settled, we invite you out onto the water for an enchanting evening SUP, where you’ll find out exactly why the area has Dark Sky status when the stars start to appear above. . 

Day 2: 

Your second day begins with an open water swim, getting you straight into the water as a warm-up for the surf sessions ahead. After practising your paddle technique in our 300m lagoon, you can get your gear together and take on our advanced wave with two back-to-back surf sessions. This will give you a maximum of 24 perfect waves with an average of 12 seconds ride time for each. You won’t have to worry about crowded line-ups or unwanted drop-ins as you’ll only share the wave with a maximum of two other surfers. Between sessions, you can choose to refuel and replenish at our Surfside Bar & Kitchen, or grab a warming hot drink from the deli. After a heavy day of nonstop surf, we recommend spending your evening soothing sore muscles in the spa, where you can choose from a Himalayan salt sauna, steam room, and a choice of indoor or outdoor jacuzzis. 

Day 3: 

Your final day on our Surf More stay starts and finishes in the water, with an early open water swim getting your body loose and limbered for another two back-to-back advanced free surf sessions. With shoulder to head height waves and a steep, reliable wall, our advanced wave is the perfect place for working on powerful turns and tricky manoeuvres. Whether you’re happy going it alone or want some guidance from experts onsite, you’re always likely to find a local or instructor in the water should you want to.

Cost: £415pp or £730 for two people – inclusive of all equipment and facilities outlined in the itinerary 

Please call 01492 353353 to check availability and book your Surf Stay today! Please note this product is currently only available off peak from Sunday – Thursday (T&C’s apply)

We're proud to deliver a mutli-award winning experience to all our customers



Contemporary comfort and warm hospitality in a truly remarkable setting. Our hotel features stylish and modern bedrooms with big views on all sides, a beautiful restaurant and bar, and the new Wave Garden Spa. We have a range of suites, rooms and facilities to elevate your experience and make your next getaway that little bit special. 


Relax and unwind… Combining all four elements to deliver an unrivalled experience, our spa is a true celebration of all that the area has to offer, taking inspiration from the spellbinding surroundings of forest, mountains and lakes. Enjoy hot hydrotherapy in the open air beneath the refreshing mist of wave spray, or move indoors to take advantage of an extensive treatment package along with our iconic oversized Himalayan salt sauna.


Part of the award-winning Adventure Parc Snowdonia, a place that celebrates outdoor pursuits and welcomes everyone from adrenaline enthusiasts to those trying something for the very first time. Whether you’re bringing your own board in search of clean, consistent conditions or you’re finally braving that bucket list experience, Adventure Parc Snowdonia will greet you with a warm Welsh welcome.

Invigorating adventures followed by soul-soothing food is what life is all about. Relish in the refined, comfortable and contemporary surroundings of Zephyr’s Bar and Grill, where flavoursome fare and delicious drinks meet panoramic views of the lagoon. Enjoy slow, serene mornings watching the sun rise over the mountains before enjoying a bountiful breakfast, return for a laidback lunch on the terrace or, sit, share and laugh with your nearest and dearest as the evening unfolds. 



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